About Us

Make Sweet Memories with Our Hand-Crafted Soy Scented Candles 

Life’s true essence is an eternal reflection of our joyful and memorable experiences. Thinking about the beautiful moments and cherishing them soothes our souls and gives peace to our minds. Despite the challenges of life, having an aromatherapeutic our comforting scent around the living spaces and during bath time is a valuable addition to bring tranquility and ecstasy to everyone’s lives. It’s the ultimate relaxant to lead stress-free lives, sweep away negativity, and boost positive thoughts with an uplifting and delightful fragrance.

At D-SCENT we pride ourselves in making wittedly crafted hand-poured soy scented candles in small batches which makes them magnificent in every way. Our candles are created with delicateness and sculpted with love to ensure that each candle is true to scent. They deliver the best atmosphere and impressive scent throw to any living space and make your bath time a spa like experience.

We premier our wonderful line up with each season. Each season boasting our customer's favorites. Our candles are made from soy wax and possess therapeutic qualities. D-SCENT's candles lift the spirit and mood with their stunning fragrance and aroma. 

Don't panic if your favorite candle scent is out of stock. At D-SCENT our candle making process is very specific to ensure customer satisfaction every time. Our candles are made and cured in small batches which aids in the magnificent scent throw our customers go bunkers over. Just send us an email to find out when your favorite candle scent will be replenished. Also feel free to send us recommendations on scents you would like to see. At D-SCENT we want to meet the needs of our customers and keep them happy.

 If you’re ready to be taken on the most delightful journey, get your hand-crafted soy candles, for the holidays for the best experience.