August 08, 2022


A Little History on Candles

Candles are by far one of the most beloved things globally.

Though candle lovers like myself enjoy using them daily I discovered some fun historical facts about candles that I thought would be great to share.

A lot of credit can be given to the love of candles based on the fact that candles were the first main source of light in the 1900's. Anyone who has ever experienced a power outage can attest to the benefits of having light in our lives.


It has been said that in the Middle-Ages candles were seen as a luxury item and was only made from beeswax and primarily restricted to royal and religious ceremonies. Additionally, the earliest scented candles were from India and were made of cinnamon and the most ancient candles are from China and Japan and were made of whale fat. - And here we are beating up on fat all this time....


Scented candles were also used in the American colonies in ancient times and were solely made from bayberry. It is reported that it took a huge amount of bayberry leaves to produce a single candle at that time.


Candles from the Roman era were not that different in appearance from some we have today. They were made of tallow with wicks of hemp, flax, or cotton.

With time, the candle got some competition. The main competitor being the olive oil lamp, which, due to its prevalent use in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, caused those areas of the world to cease their development in candle-making.

Candle-making eventually began to decline when the kerosene lamp and then the electric light bulb and flashlight came on the scene. This caused candles to be used only for decoration and fragrance more than light sources.

Scents Can Impact Your Emotions?

Stay with me on this one - You might be wondering why this heading and not just jumping into the details on scented candles right? There is a reason for this.

Many people are not aware that scent has a strong effect on emotions. Scents stimulate certain regions of the brain associated with memory and emotion. Have you ever walked by a bakery and smelt the warm buttery breads and pastries and it is so inviting that you almost start salivating or the scent might be so comforting that it almost feels like a warm hug you get when you were a child and went to your grandma's house?

What about when you pass by your favorite coffee shop and smell those coffee beans roasting or that latte being prepared? Absolutely YUMMY. It is almost as if you were transported to somewhere else.

For a moment there you were visualizing all of this huh? Lol. Thats the impact a scent can have.

 Scented Candles For Sleep and Relaxation

When I discovered the benefits of incorporating scented candles to my daily self-care routine, I decided that it had to be a staple for me. I have found that scented candles help so much when I need to relax, unwind or sleep.

For me it doesn't matter the time or season I use whatever candle I enjoy, whenever I choose to. Pumpkin Apple Butter in the summertime and Monkey Farts in the winter - And yes, we do have a candle called Monkey Fart at D-SCENT and its banana scented. For all the banana scent lovers out there - You're Welcome.

For those of you who are not as unusual as I am here are some suggestions:

To Relax, use scents like lavender, chamomile, and vanilla to create a calming atmosphere at home or at the office if it is allowed. These scents are said to make the air smell clean and uplifting while reducing stress levels by acting on serotonin receptors to induce feelings of well-being as studies have shown.

These scents help people to feel relaxed and calmer as these scents are associated with feelings of safety and comfort. 

I'm going to make a small request. Try for one night - Before you take your nightly bath or shower light your favorite candle. This way, by the time you are done with your shower or bath the oils from the candle is already being released and saturating your room. When you exit the bathroom the scent of the candle will waft your nostrils and then the magic happens.

To help you to relax even more put on a little jazz music and allow it to play really softly in the background. Go ahead and nestle yourself under those covers and sleep like a baby.

Candles that I would hands down recommend for bedtime is our Spa Therapy or Aromathery Candle if they are not sold out - Yes, it's that good. We can't stock them fast enough. This candle was specifically made for the purpose of relaxing and destressing. Lavender is also used to induce feelings of calmness which is why lavender candles or candles containing lavender are burned before bedtime so people can sleep better.

This however by no means imply that you cannot use any other scent to unwind and relax. Any scented candle that puts you into that "feel good" space can be used, so go right ahead and light it up.

Scented Candles And Looove

Anything surrounding love and romance almost ALWAYS has a candle somewhere in the equation.

Are you thinking about a really blissful evening with the love of your life? Then reach for the spices! Not the one in the cupboard but a scented candle containing cinnamon will compliment your intimate evening perfectly.

The scent of cinnamon will permeate the air with its wonderful smell and envelope your senses causing you to feel relaxed which is what you really need to enjoy your evening.

Cinnamon is said to have chemical contents which helps to reduce anxiety and create a romantic environment. 

Vanilla is also believed to be a very nostalgic scent. Romance is heightened with a vanilla scented candle as hormones are released that put whoever is in its presence in the "mood" - plug Barry White background music here.



It is now up to you how you choose to use your scented candles.

You can use it to relax and destress after a hard day's work or to get rid of any tension the day might have brought your way. As we all know, not all days are easy, some days can be truly trying.

Maybe you simply want to lift your mood or maintain the happy mood you're already experiencing. Whatever it maybe it will always be a good time to light your favorite scented candle.

This all has to do with self-care as well. You have to be intentional in ensuring that you are your best self and that means taking care of yourself no matter how small it might be. Be better for you so you can be great for the ones you truly love.

Take care of yourself - and go ahead, light that candle up.

Pssst...Hey - don't forget about that soft music in the background I mentioned.


Love you. Mean it

Bye !



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